Dr. Barclay’s COVID Update Message

Dr. Barclay’s COVID Update Message


This is Doc.

Jesus is still Lord, and He is still Lord over America. We are winning this battle. The virus is dying, and there are great signs of hope.

We are all dealing with various bans, restrictions, and suggestions at our own state and local levels. We are spirit warriors! We are earth warriors! We are earth conquerors! The bans and restrictions will lift, and we’ll be back in full swing again.

I salute you as a fivefold minister for standing strong. My heart keeps saying that just because we are holy, anointed, and spiritual doesn’t mean we don’t have any common sense. And just because we have common sense doesn’t mean we are not holy, anointed, and spiritual. We are fighting a natural enemy and a supernatural enemy. We curse both!

Join your faith with me as I confess life over you and your church. I am praying over your money and standing in agreement with you that your people will continue to tithe and give, and maybe even give extra. I’m praying that we’ll all be united again soon, and our churches will not suffer financially.

I am also praying for those of you who travel like I do. Obviously canceled meetings affect our ministry and our personal income. God will bring this back to us, and we will recover!

I’m here for you, and my team is working hard, long hours to stand in faith with you.

Stand strong, Patriot!

Doc Barclay



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