Happy Fourth of July…Hello Summer!

Happy Fourth of July…Hello Summer!

June 21st marked the first day of summer and sure enough…it is here! Whoa, temps near 90 and humidity the same. Someone, hand me a towel. I am NOT complaining; this is Wisconsin.

Pastor Cathy and I are enjoying the series, Renewing Our Minds and are working diligently daily to do so.

The statement, Miracles come in cans…has me smiling as well as pondering the thought. What comes in cans? Soup, beans, spaghetti, spam (yuck)…no, but a miracle? Then the reality pops like a pop-top can!

I can … I can… do all things through Christ who strengthens me! That is the miracle. Life has taught me often what I can and cannot do. More often than not I am limiting myself and the Lord with a lid set so tight the best can opener wouldn’t be able to open it.

“Can” by definition, speaks of ability, permission, strength, knowledge, talent, or possibility? We default to an easy escape from challenges, unpleasant tasks or failure by never opening the “can” from the Lord. Our thought remains, “I can’t”…

Every time I measure my circumstance by my own strength, I am stuck, limited, and setup for depression. When I exchange my, “I can’t’s” for I can do… I will find, (because of His strength in me), I am more than a conqueror.

Seldom are we able to choose our circumstances. It is great when circumstances go our way…but when they don’t I still am more than a conqueror because of Christ’s strength in me! This takes a renewed mind!

What are you facing today that only you can do something about? Confidence, peace and contentment are as close as your heart. Man believes with his heart and confesses with his mouth! What do you believe? You can tell by the words you speak! You’ll amaze yourself as you open the “can”!

I pray you will have safe and wonderful 4th of July. Remember us when your summer travels take you away from church on Sundays at praise-fellowship.org (give) and follow the prompts.

We call you blessed!

See you in Church,
Pastor Greg



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