Hooked on a Feeling…?

Hooked on a Feeling…?

I woke up the other morning with that song playing in my head! How’s that for “spiritual”?  I would have rather had “hallelujah”!   B.J. Thomas made the song popular back in the “day”.   I know, I know… it probably wasn’t your “day”.  Nonetheless, I had to pursue the question, why the song?

It didn’t take long to find the answer.    I heard myself use that word “feel” or “feeling” throughout the day.  I didn’t “feel” like working…I didn’t “feel” like praying…I didn’t “feel” like going…I am “feeling” pretty lazy today…etc.  You get the idea.  I was amazed at how much I did that day based on my “feelings”.  Now the song tells of a “love story”… “Everything is alright” as long as I feel this way.  “I am high on believing you’re in love with me”… Nice lyrics for a “love song”.  It makes for “feeling” good.

Hooked on a feeling made the charts by various artists.  Sold mega copies…and is still in my head.  However, the Lord drew my attention to a vulnerability about to be used by the enemy.  Now, do not think the Lord is opposed to you/me feeling good.  I think He has much to say about “joy”, “happiness”, and “celebrations”.

Yet, it is spiritually dangerous to be “hooked” on a feeling. That means, what I do and do not do is based on how I feel.  Just think with me.  What if I don’t feel like I am forgiven?  What if I don’t feel like, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13),  or reading my bible, praying, going to Sunday school/church, forgiving my closest friends, or worshiping the Lord?  Not to mention feeling anxious, fearful, timid, ashamed, and inferior!  The power over negative feelings is found in the Word.  As you believe/act on the faith you have, not how you feel.  It is easier than you think, to be “hooked”.

Don’t misunderstand, I like to “feel” strong when I’m weak… I want the “feelings” of being loved and accepted. But here is something I have discovered.  If I make the “decision” before I “feel” anything, the strength, joy, love, and forgiven feelings all show up!

Let’s not be “hooked on our feelings”!  Rather, let’s make decisions based on the Word of God, faith-filled and righteous, regardless of how we feel!  Amen?

Pastor Cathy and I continue the series, Delays, Distractions and Difficulties through January.  Don’t worry if you missed one.  Each message stands alone, as well all together.  We are missing many of you due to weather and illness.  We are praying for you.  Please be aware of the updates to our website and the change on our on-line giving feature called tithe.ly

We call you blessed beyond the curse!   Regardless of “feeling”!

See You in Church,
Pastor Greg



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