It’s all in your head!

It’s all in your head!

I’ve been told that………’s often someone telling me a fact or perception is not true but imagined, usually with my best interests at heart.  However, the mind has an incredible capacity to “see”… imagine, dream, or remember……..All are in your mind.

The Bible tells us to renew our mind and not let it conform us into a shape the culture around us calls acceptable.   It takes technique and strategy to overcome the things in life we suffer. Your mind is one of the greatest gifts given to you by your creator!  Remember He built you for turbulence.  Think of many you know that have gone through unimaginable suffering and setback only to have become better than ever!

Cross country skiing is a wonderful winter activity. Unbeknownst to me, I bought “racing skis” which have no ribbing under the boot portion of the ski.  They’re built for speed with no resistance.  Even the smallest hill became insulting.  I could only get a slight peek of the other side…only resulting in a very fast slide backward.
A mind left biblically dormant is placing life on a slippery slope.

Pastor Cathy and I begin a new series Sunday at 10:15 AM, dedicated to the technique and strategy of renewing the mind, overcoming what the devil launches at us.

See you in church,

Pastor Greg



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