Upon Further Review…

Upon Further Review…

You guessed it! It’s finally here! Football season.  Ah yes. Go Pack, Go!

So is Praise Fellowship Church’s 35th year celebration.  A milestone to say the least. Our Fall Schedule begins this Sunday @ 9 am. Sunday school classes for all ages… (Small bible study classes provide interaction). Worship @ 10:15! We will Praise the Lord!

As the football season unfolds, we will hear and await the official’s judgment of a “coach’s challenge” to a ruling on the field.  A call is so close they need to review the play. Then comes the words, “upon further review” and everything changes.

What I love about those words…is what happened to our Lord Jesus!  Jesus was put into a tomb, called dead, and buried.  But upon further review, He was raised from the dead. So remember, the first report, especially when you’re living out God’s plan for your life, isn’t the final report!

There will always be a “lesser opinion” from somebody else. Even yourself. The only way to reach tomorrow, is to forget today. Tomorrow is a new day, with fresh plays from Heaven’s play book. God always has a greater perspective that He sees from the “replay booth” in heaven.

Every dead area of your life is under further review when you send it upstairs to God who sees your situation from angles you cannot access!  Many times we feel defeated and at a loss…even penalized.

Relationships, jobs, bad choices, missed opportunities can all appear to be dead and leave us seemingly defeated.  Yet, upon further review…He can restore, He can supply, He can redeem, He can forgive and change the call.  Remember the devil is an accuser and his play can be “overturned” upon further review. So game on and do not quit!

This is why I’m excited to call you to a new season of opportunities this fall at PFC.  We’ve had the same Coach for 35 years and He is still calling the plays.

Pastor Greg



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