Not my favorite word. Yet very crucial in possessing that which is valuable in life. You’ve heard it said, “good things come to those who wait.” Counter it with, “he who hesitates…”… Somewhat of a conundrum wouldn’t you say?   Of course it is, unless life has taught and we have learned its lessons.

My greatest ally in waiting for something I desperately want is my friendship with the Lord. The hymn writer penned, “Great is thy faithfulness”… just for me. (Not really), although I sure appreciate the reminder, especially when I am trying to “fast forward” a day, a season, an event in my life.

God promised there would be seedtime and harvest, the sun moon and stars would shine and He hasn’t missed a day since He first promised. No matter how urgent I feel, I know He will make all things beautiful in His time, and my feet will land in a safe place. (Selah)

Right now, for many things I await.  Answered prayers, the rain to stop, my garden to plant, the culture to change, and my body to heal, etc. In the time of worry or anxiety I can rest because He’s got this.  My seed will produce a harvest, my prayers are answered, my future is secure…because Great is His Faithfulness! Amen.

This Sunday June 2nd, our Summer Worship schedule begins at 9:30 am. Sunday School resumes the 1st Sunday after Labor Day. We live in Wisconsin and know just how swift a summer can pass, so we want to get you on your way to family fun events quickly.

Pastor Cathy and I continue the series, “Renewing the Mind…Strategies and Techniques” you will count this one of our most life changing messages!

See You in Church,
Pastor Greg

P.S.  When your plans take you away on a Sunday, please remember our online giving is found at praise-fellowship.org. Thank you!


































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