Wanna Fight?

Wanna Fight?

As a kid on the school playground, the question came up more than once.  Immediately a decision had to be made.  I mean, the challenge demanded a response.  In a flash, the size, the person, the enemy, and the issue had to be assessed.  Is there a cause?  Am I, or someone I care about being bullied, intimidated or hurting?  Is this worth fighting for?

Big brothers fight for little sisters…or little sisters fight for big brothers.  I mean there is territory to defend, rights to be protected, wrongs to be righted, etc.!  Sometimes the decision is easy…nothing to think about, a no brainer. Game On!  Other moments…..and time goes on, maturity evolves, enabling more peaceful resolutions.  Thank God!

However, the scriptures do admonish the believers to step into the “ring.”

1 Timothy 6:12 New King James Version (NKJV)
12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

Biblical promises are never automatic or happen to us by default.  In the above passage, “to lay hold” could be translated, “get a grip.” Eternal life is the subject of the sentence, and we are told to “take hold” of it. Well Pastor, it is invisible…how do I grab it, let alone hang on to something I cannot see?  Great question!  The answer is right there before our eyes…by faith. Or I could say trust.

Pastor Cathy and I are teaching a series entitled, “Fighting the Good Fight.” As a pastor, spouse, father, and grandfather I can assure you there are things worth fighting for!  Not with fists, or words, or whatever comes to mind to inflict pain on an opponent.  But rather, it is a fight to keep trust in the promises of mercy, forgiveness, justice, reconciliation, and health.  Let alone…Truth.  From the word “fight” in the original Greek, we get our English word agony.  It deals with the pain and struggle it is to “keep the faith” until the conditions change or answers become apparent.

Recently, we watched a fragile elderly lady fight to “lay hold of” or “get a grip” on eternal life. She called for the pastors of the church, asked to be anointed, and confessed her sins so she could be forgiven and inherit what was promised…eternal life by her Savior.  Just note…the devil did his best to prevent her.  Let me just say…he lost!  Pastor Cathy and I climbed into the “ring” and we helped her “get a grip.” She is now experiencing the “eternal life” promised, with her Savior. She needed to be reassured and confirmed that what she believed or trusted would indeed become everything she hoped for. Glad we were there.

We invite you and yours………see you in Church,

Pastor Greg

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