Rod & Dora Eulenfeld

Rod’s life was changed when he accepted Christ as his Lord & Savior at the age of 15.  He laid down his career as a NASCAR driver and graduated in 1981 from the RHEMA Bible Training Center.  He and his wife, Dora, felt the Lord’s call to Guatemala, where they lived for 11 years.

The Lord called them back to the United States to establish Harvesters Together, Inc.  They have been ministering together over 30 years and make annual trips to Guatemala, among other countries in Central America.  They carry a wealth of knowledge, understanding and wisdom for ministering to the world’s wounded souls.

The Lord has also called them to reach more cities in the USA and they travel to various regions within the country each year.  Their teams work in street ministry, praying for the sick, feeding the hungry and preaching/teaching the Word of God. They teach seminars on salvation, the Holy Spirit, healing, prosperity, and soul-winning.  Their missions teams go where the Lord calls them for various work projects – painting, repairs, block laying, metal roofing, etc.

 Rod and Dora operate their ministry with this basic motto:  “There are only two kinds of people – those who are saved and those who are about to be!”



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