As a Christian …

As a Christian …

..…where do I start to pray?

I love to pray, because when I do, I see the Lord make the impossible, possible.

However simple, “bless” my prayers, just doesn’t carry the weight that is needed each day to express my heart to God, or satisfy my responsibility to pray.

Jesus said, “each day has enough trouble of its own”.

Isn’t that true?

Naturally, as a believer, I feel compelled to pray for the day’s issues. My problem is where do I start, what do I say, or ask for. Many of the day’s problems, are long standing and complex. Because I feel very passionate about many, my emotions edit my prayer. I just don’t have enough wisdom. It leaves me speechless and internally knotted. That is non-productive and a waste of time.

The disciples felt the same… (I think). Leading them to the request, Lord, teach us to pray… so He did. Many of us know this as “The Lord’s prayer”, or “The Our Father”. Finding it difficult to follow Paul’s instruction… (1Timothy 2:8) to lift my hands and pray without wrath and doubt, I needed the “red” letters and “power”.

I have been teaching my own devotional notes on this prayer for the last seven weeks. It has so freed me up to really pray like never before. The Word says, “when we do not know what to pray, as we should, the Spirit helps our weakness and prays through us.”

What I am finding, as we break down the phrases of the Lord’s prayer, is that the Spirit takes over and gives us the prayers needed. Sometimes it is in English, other times it is in spiritual language or with groanings that don’t have words. The point being…man doesn’t have the reconcilable wisdom that brings unity and peace to our cities, nation, and the world.

Please pray!

Even when you do not know how or where to start. Open your Bible to Matthew 6:9-13 and ask the Holy Spirit to help. He will help you think and form words to express the “will of God” through you! You will find a peace and joy in having fulfilled a responsibility given by heaven. By following the template, you avoid emotional distractions and stay focused on the essentials of your prayer!

Labor Day is upon the calendar, meaning for PFC, we would normally switch to our fall schedule of Sunday School and 10:15 worship service. However, due to the protocols of COVID, we will reassess time changes in January. Until then, our Worship Service will remain at 9:30 a.m.

Remember both Sunday ((:30 a.m.) and Wednesday (6:30p.m.) are in person and Live Stream.

We continue to pray!

See you in Church,
Pastor Greg



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