Week of Prayer Results

Week of Prayer Results

Each year, we set aside time during the beginning of January to focus on prayer and the direction of the church for the coming year.  This year we met on January 13, 14 and 15.  Each day highlighted one of the three prayer categories:  Individual Needs, the Nations, and the Church.  Each day we sensed the power of God in our prayers and anointed messages from Pastor Greg.

Here are some answers to the prayers lifted up during those days.  We will update this list as new answers are reported:


  • The brother of a church member accepted Christ as his Lord & Savior!
  • One church member reported that a long-standing issue at his work place was resolved within a week of our prayer time!
  • Another family reported that the Lord gave them wisdom for following a new dietary plan.  After many years of high blood sugar values, in the dangerous upper 300’s at the time of our prayer week, the plan the Lord revealed to them resulted in blood sugar levels back to normal within 1 1/2 weeks of our prayer meeting!


  • One of our missionary families reported answers to prayer within days of our lifting up the Nations.  They reported a healing of cancer, of sleeplessness, and various areas of pain.  They experienced favor in the foreign land and witnessed the natives drawn to the Father through worship!

Glory to God for all these answers!  God is so good!



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