It is almost time…

It is almost time…

One week to go and we will be seeing one another! It feels like it’s been so very long! We will re-open for “in person” services on Sunday, May 31st!

We have been working on “protocol” of safety measures and cleaning measures to keep everyone safe. I will be outlining in this letter what I mean by that.

I reached out to the council members for their advice on opening. We wanted to do what was right in all areas, not just a few. If we could’ve done it our way we would have been open already. But, instead of our way, we wanted Yahweh’s.

Here are the measures we are implementing for everyone’s protection.

  1. We will resume with our “summer schedule”. Sundays @ 9:30am. Sunday School classes will return in the fall.
  2. Masks are welcome…but not required (no judgement please).  We will have cloth masks available or you are free to bring your own.
  3. We Practice social distancing …. Sit with whoever you came with.
  4. The Rows will be marked off to create a safe distance.
  5. There will be No children’s service…for now please have your children sit with you.
  6. The Offering will be collected from the outside rows.
  7. All Ushers will be wearing masks.
  8. Please, only one person in the restroom at a time.
  9. Try not to linger after service…(soon)
  10. We will continue to Live Stream our services.
  11. Attending church is God’s idea, and there is no judgement for your decision to be there in person or to stay home and watch on-line.
  12. The Building will be sanitized before and after services (volunteers are welcome).

We feel this is a place to start and can change as time allows for adjustment. We have all made several adjustments, and will continue to do what is necessary.

Church is open! That means worship, altar calls, prayer, laying on of hands, communion, and good solid preaching is going to happen. Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say, REJOICE!

Let’s Celebrate!

See you in Church,
Pastor Greg



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