Bill & Yasumi Wood


Bill grew up in New Berlin, WI.  He later graduated from Christ for the Nations, International (CFNI) in Dallas, TX.  Upon completing his studies he felt the Lord calling him to Japan, where he met and married Yasumi.  They have ministered in Japan for over 30 years and have raised three children.


Bill’s primary ministry focus has been on delivering people from cults.  He has written and published several books related to cults, in addition to other topics. He is flooded with counseling requests from those directly impacted by cult experiences, or from their families.  Some people suffer from very traumatic experiences while associated with the cult and their families can suffer along with them until they get help.  Bill also counsels with Christians who feel hurt that their spiritual leaders betrayed them.


Bill is fluent in the Japanese language and he has worked on translating some of his books from Japanese to English.   A book on marriage has been translated from English to Japanese as well. 


Because of his expertise in cult activities, Bill is contacted frequently to speak to high schools, seminaries and various church groups.  He is active in teaching about cults and holding self-help group meetings for those in need of them.  Bill has ministered in So.America and China as well.


Bill and Yasumi share the love of Christ in all they do.  They are committed to speak boldly in Truth about Jesus Christ and stand firm against any opposition they may encounter.  We are blessed to hear updates from the Woods, usually on a quarterly basis.  Updates are shared periodically with the congregation.  When time and resources permit, Bill and Yasumi visit with us in person, which is a wonderful blessing! 



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