Finding gratitude amongst the grumbles…

Finding gratitude amongst the grumbles…

Thanksgiving is fast approaching! Just like every other mark on the calendar, it will be here before we know it.  As a matter of fact, I just saw my first full-blown outdoor Christmas décor in our neighborhood! (I am writing this Thursday night November 5, 2020.)

Not that I have a problem with that…the weather has been great, and I love Christmas decorations! It is just a stark reminder of how fast time moves, even in a pandemic.

The grumbles, I believe originate with the fatigue of the days.  And there has been more than enough to grumble about.  However, someone a long time ago put it this way… “Christians are a lot like tea bags, their best comes out in hot water.”   My observation… (at least, they should).

I brought a series of messages this fall entitled, “Recognizing the Reward…the Key to Gratitude and Walking Humbly With God”.  What I found was a deeper growing devotion and dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ, as I applied my faith in the middle of my grumblings.  I’m not going to catalog the list, but I found myself going to the “prayer closet” and praying in secret.  Guess what happened?  He rewarded me openly!  I was terribly humbled and eternally grateful.  The reward actually took me by surprise!

Here is the list from the series…

Seven things that reward you!

  1. What you pray in secret is rewarded openly.
  2. When you do your work as unto the Lord…rewarded with promo and security.
  3. When you are willing to lose your life…rewarded with gaining everything you could not have if left to your own efforts.
  4. When you actually are hated, excluded, reviled and cast out…you share in the prophet’s reward.
  5. When you give to those who cannot give back to you… you are rewarded with the desires of your heart.
  6. When you love your enemies, do good and lend… you are rewarded greatly!!!
  7. When you do not let your right hand know what your left is doing… you are rewarded openly!

I must admit, it took a moment to connect the dots.  As I lived amongst the grumbling moments of this very difficult year, I’ve never been more humbled and grateful to walk in awesome respect for the loving-kindness, mercy and forgiveness of my God!

Truly to be treasured, if you can recognize His reward in the midst. This year is hard to measure against the pain, isolation, fear and confusion we all have faced.

Let your faith truly be rewarded by your discipleship! If you’ll look…you will find it!
Happy Thanksgiving!

See You in Church (in person or on the stream),
Pastor Greg



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