Sweet Healing and Believing!

Sweet Healing and Believing!

We learned of a little 2 year-old girl, who had accidentally spilled a pot of boiling water on her little body.  She was rushed to the hospital  with  2nd degree burns over 25% of her body.  She was in surgery when our prayer chain was alerted to pray.

We all united in prayer for this little girl’s total healing and for there to be  no complications in surgery. We prayed that there would be no scars — emotional or physical.  Surgery went well.  Healing is on the way.

We learned the little girl’s father was a bit skeptical of the power of prayer —- but no longer!  When she had first gone to the hospital, her face was so swollen that she could not even open her eyes.  Her face was soon covered in scabs.  In just 4 days, the swelling was completely gone in her face and there were only faint traces of scabs left there.  The normal coloring had completely returned!  Her dad was shocked and so were the doctors!!

Then her dad remembered our prayers.   Needless to say, he now is a believer in the power of prayer and asked that we continue until his little girl is completely healed!   Yes, our prayers continue.   Praise God!




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