A Major Leak?

A Major Leak?

It’s never good news to hear that a major leak is suspected as the plumbing issue under a basement floor.  It’s gets even worse when the suspected leak would cost $20,000 to repair!

Julie contacted the prayer chain about this very issue for her parents (Rob & Mary).  Rob and Mary had just purchased this home, downsizing from there previous home to have money for Rob’s retirement.  A $20,000 plumbing bill would seriously jeopardize their plans.  Julie asked us to pray that the plumber locates the leak and can fix it with minimal cost. And so we prayed!

By evening, we received this report from Julie:  “God is so good.  Parents water issue went from $20,000 to a $2,000 repair.  We kept praying. Now they said, oops, looks like a clogged sewer.  No biggie!  $63.  Ha!  God rocks.”

Yay for God!  Thank you Lord!



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