The Questions…

The Questions…

We have answers. It is amazing how often the feeling comes up, “I don’t know who to turn to?”

You may have had a friend tell you, “turn to God,” “Ask Him.” But you’re really are not sure how to connect with the Almighty, or what that answer might look like. Uncertainty leaves you painfully stuck in a circumstance that is stressing you beyond the breaking point.

Pastor Cathy and I are teaching a series of messages entitled, “Getting Know the Nature of the Holy Spirit.” There isn’t a subject more misunderstood and underdeveloped in a believer’s life.

He is the one with your answers!

He (the Holy Spirit) is a person. Not Casper the Friendly Ghost, a mist, a force, a wind or dove. The bible uses many metaphors and adjectives to describe Him. Obliviously not Casper, although if memory serves correct he was always a friend to someone and tried his best to help him. The only reason I bring him into the story is the term Ghost. Old English referred to the Holy Spirit as the Holy Ghost, which can be confusing. A ghost would be defined as a departed spirit trying to reconcile itself with unfinished business in life. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the trinity and indeed is always referred to in the Bible as such. For example, He can be grieved or has emotion, i.e. joy. He is the exact nature of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said it was to your advantage that He went away so the Helper could come. And what a helper is He. A counselor, a comforter, constant, convincer, and convictor. He is an advocate and someone always standing by.

These are most difficult, confusing, trying times. How do I think or know what to decide? My future, my past, my job, my child or my parent or my own health. Complex to say the least.

The Lord has every answer you will ever need. As we teach this amazing series, I know God will meet you. A principle the bible always communicates is, before He shows you what to do, He shows you who you are.

You are more broken than you could ever imagine (true for all), and more loved than you could ever imagine (just as true)!

This is a Sunday morning series. Service starts at 9:30am and you walk out our doors at 10:45 with answers to questions that change your day!

We love you deeply and want to help your journey walking with the Savior!

See You in Church,

Pastor Greg



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