I Love You…

I Love You…

Certainly different from my last e-letter entitled “wanna fight?”… Many of you commented on the series “Fighting the Good Fight.” Thank you! It is always our desire to help not only in sound doctrine, but in practical “everyday” issues we face.

These three words are captivating! Mostly, because of the energy they bring. When I hear those words, I can climb any mountain, cross any river, tunnel through any obstacle etc. Songs are written, poems are penned, and confidence soars.

Athletes give accolades to “mom”… Soldiers are willing to risk their lives… entrepreneurs give “it” their all…

With all that in mind… When is the last time you said, “I love you”…? Even to the people we “feel” we should say or show it… we all to often don’t. When is the last time you said it to your spouse? Your daughter? Your son? Grandchild? Niece? Or as Jesus, said “neighbor”.

Jesus is Christmas. Above all other Holidays, this one shouts, “I love you… “, signed God!

Hasn’t He gone to extreme measures to get close to us? My goodness, He is the Author of the “greatest story ever told” and He, Himself (as author of the story) is written into the script!!! No other “religion has that to offer” to a very damaged world.

These next Sunday Services we are not only reminiscing the “facts” but the “whys” of Christmas… They will afford us great opportunities to invite!

As tradition, we will be celebrating Christmas Eve at 6:30pm with “candlelight” and “carols”. We pray you consider this note a personal invitation from Pastor Cathy and me to join us. If your schedule takes you away, please know our wishes are for your best and a joyous celebration of the Savior’s birth.

The New Year is fast approaching and I would like to remind you of an opportunity to assist in tax preparation. We can give tax-exemption credit for your gifts to PFC for 2018 until December 31st. If your year has resulted in financial blessing and you need tax-credit, please consider PFC, either by offerings or visit our website praise-fellowship.org and use the donate button.

Remember the Three life-changing words… I Love You! Say it out loud to those near and far…

See You in Church,

Pastor Greg



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